Picture of a singing bowl used to create an altered state of consciousness
Stock image depicting a person dressed as a monk engaged in meditation.
Stock image depicting the back of a person dressed as a druid walking through a misty autumn forest.

About Our Counsellor Training

Psychedelic substances (or sacraments), are garnering increased interest in Western societies after decades of suppression under the War on Drugs. 

The concept of integration, or how a person processes their experience of altered-states of consciousness due specific sober (non-drug) practices such as Breathwork, or non-sober practices such as ingesting psychedelic substances, has garnered increased attention in recent years, particularly in supporting meaningful change. 

Our courses provide counsellor training and continuous professional development (CPD) for those interested in offering professional services as Counsellors, Integration therapists, and where legal, Psychedelic Therapists. We take a holistic approach to training, exploring a range of theories, practices and techniques which support psychotherapeutic processes and/or psychospiritual development. As part of our training you will learn how to help clients recognise the links and patterns from their past, as well as work with a range of personal and transpersonal material that may be difficult for them to process. We aim for our Counsellors to help client nurture their potential for growth, self-acceptance, and healing so they can express themselves in the world using their own meaning and inner wisdom with authenticity expressed through integrity and wise use of their gifts, skills, and knowledge.

Is this approach for me?

Integration counsellors and psychedelic therapists require a working knowledge of different psychotherapeutic and metaphysical approaches, a cross-cultural awareness around working with difference and diversity, and an understanding of how to work with difficult psychological experiences, including spiritual emergence, and spiritual emergency. 

We aim for students to co-create and hold a sacred space for the personal unfolding of meaning and self-exploration of clients. As practitioners, we require students to recognise and be committed to exploring their own psychological process, and in particular, their personal experience of transpersonal states. Our aim is to support your own exploration, as you learn how to support others to build their own unique, flowing relationship with the world around them. We believe all humans are innately motivated towards achieving their highest potential of awareness and fulfilment. 

If this kind of approach to counselling appeals to you, come and join us!

Picture of Shamanic masks, methods we use to explore subpersonalities
Stock image of a card positioned on ceremonial plate against a blue cloth background. The card depicts depicts a drawing of a man surrounded by colourful psychedelic patterns.
A photograph showing a path leading through trees. This photograph was taken in the summer and represents connection to nature through therapeutic activities such learning outdoors through experiential activities such as nature bathing.

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