Our Story

John and Thomas first met at a counselling training company in Cambridge. They made an immediate connection, and when John later worked as a counselling tutor for the same company, they realised they lived in the same village. Meeting regularly for nature walks, they had many discussions about the role of spirituality and counselling in todays world whilst they connected to the natural environment, a form of environmental spiritualism they both valued.

The beginnings of the Institute of Psychospiritual Therapy formed whilst John and Thomas were sat under an oak tree’s spreading canopy musing upon the benefits of a diverse spiritual counselling and how this would be a useful framework for those wanting to train as therapists working with altered states of consciousness. Together, John and Thomas were being guided into creating a more robust and meaningful type of psychospiritual counselling that embraces working with altered states of consciousness, and respects the diversity of human spirituality. Both use a teaching style that integrates their personality and interests with the needs of students'. They enjoy the opportunity to interact and support students in fulfilling their dreams in becoming independent, qualified, and successful counsellors.


Image of John Anderson, one of the founding directors for the institute


John worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience at Nottingham Trent University, and has published several research articles. John came to this partnership following his own spiritual emergence using entheogenic mushrooms, which he took to treat childhood trauma and manage Bipolar. In combination with personal therapy, this saved his life, and inspired him to train as a counsellor and later explore Celtic Driudism as an indignenous form of Shamanism in the UK. John works in private practice as a Psychedelic Integration therapist/Supervisor. In addition to teaching counselling, John teaches coaching, and cognitive psychology for the Institute of Continuing Education in Cambridge. John is a board member of the Scottish Psychedelic Research Group, and is also an associate member of the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy.

Image of Thomas Marty, one of the founding directors for the institute


Thomas has strong links with the Creative Arts, and has spent most of his life searching for answers to big questions, and in the process, has studied with several well-known and less well-known esoteric organisations. Thomas has experience working as a lead tutor for a counselling training company in Cambridge, as well as experience working as Head of Welfare (Wellbeing) for an international arts college in the centre of Cambridge. As a Shamanic Practitioner, Thomas has learned many forms of energy healing and runs his own spiritual healing and teaching practice. Thomas is also a practicing druid, which he says, "put everything into place". In addition to his healing work, Thomas is a published author, having written two books on the Celtic Ogam alphabet, The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing, and The Spirit of the Wand. Thomas has also published two books of short stories. 

Our Board of Advisors

Image of Brenda Soar, one of our Advisors.


Brenda is a qualified integrative Counsellor and therapist (registered with NCS) who works with adults by bringing together different elements of specific therapies such as, humanistic, NLP, and integrative energy therapy. Having worked in Education, Training and Management roles for over 25 years, Brenda has extensive experience in delivering training and development, including workshops in counselling skills, and strives to make learning both engaging and enjoyable by making it interactive and experiential. Brenda has experience as a popular trainer for a counselling company in Cambridge, where she focuses on introductory level counselling courses, as well as facilitation of process groups and supervision at levels 3 and 4. As a qualified assessor IQA, EQA and learning and development practitioner, Brenda works interactively with individuals and groups to enable reflection, exploration, self-awareness, and empowerment.

Image of Theresa Mcckaskie, one of our Advisors


Theresa is a therapist, Counsellor (registered and accredited  with NCS), and Hypnotherapist working with adults, young people, and children. As well as being a qualified Sandplay Therapist, Clay Therapist, Creative Arts Therapist, Theresia is also a qualified EFT Therapist, IET and NLP Practitioner. Based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, Theresa has been working with children and families for over 20 years where she offers clients a supportive non-judgmental therapeutic setting. Working in private practice, Theresa offers a creative approach to therapy that enables people to explore their emotional challenges in a safe environment. Theresa is currently head of Supervision Counselling for a Counsellor Training company in Cambridge.

Image of Jane Fortune, one of our Advisors.


Jane worked as a psychotherapist for a substance misuse and addiction treatment service on Merseyside where many of her clients had a history of childhood trauma. During this time Jane became aware of the potential of psychedelics to heal trauma. She decided to experience their healing potential first-hand, so attended a weekend retreat in the Netherlands. Apart from becoming a Mother, the experience was the most transformational of her adult life, and launched Jane onto a more purposeful life-path. In addition to private practice as a psychotherapist, Jane volunteered at festivals with PsyCare UK, and ran a monthly Psychedelic Integration Circle in Chester. Jane also founded Psychedelic Integration UK, a website dedicated to the dissemination of information around psychedelic risk-reduction, psychedelic societies, and psychedelic integration providers. Having retired from private practice, Jane mingles in the community she calls home. 

Image of Concetta Perot, one of our Advisors.


Concetta is a qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor (registered and accredited with BACP), and a registered Social Worker with over 25 years experience supporting people through life's difficulties and traumas. Concetta’s approach is integrative, incorporating humanistic practice and other counselling approaches, including creative and nervous system/ body-based approaches, and  as a certified mindfulness teacher, uses mindfulness in her practice. Concetta has an MSc in Mental Health Studies where her research thesis focused on the assessment and treatment of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Throughout her work, including on the NAPAC national helpline, Concetta has supported people who have lived through various forms of trauma such as childhood abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition to psychotherapy and counselling practice, Concetta is an artist and co-founder of an organisation for people who have experienced trauma and abuse, through which she has helped facilitate many peer support groups over the last 22 years. 

Image of Elise Wardle, one of our Advisors.


Elise has travelled through the deepest levels of personal, ancestral and collective trauma through Holotropic Breathwork and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, and continues her journey towards wholeness and integration. After sixteen years of therapy including Jungian analysis which did not touch the trauma, Elise finally healed from forty years of alcohol dependency and addictions and became sober four years ago due to psychedelic medicine. Back then, Elise felt she had no life, no wish to live, and no future. Now, thanks to plant medicine, Elise is enjoying a new level of freedom, joy, inner peace and a very different life! Elise offers clients psychedelic integration therapy using an approach based on personal experience and training. With a diploma in integrative counselling, Masters Degree (Distinction) in Jungian Psychotherapy/ Analytical Psychology/Energy Healing, Elise also has CPD training in other modalities. Elise has undertaken extensive training in plant medicine, and is a professional member of The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy.