Our Values and Ethics

As an organisation, we value the so called “light triad” personality traits of Humanism, Kantianism, and faith in humanity. Humanism is defined as believing in the inherent dignity and worth of others, whilst Kantianism, which gets its name from philosopher Immanuel Kant, means treating people as ends unto themselves rather than as unwitting pawns in a personal game of chess. Lastly, “faith in humanity” is about believing that other humans are fundamentally good. We have the deepest respect and love for people, and recognise that as humans, we are all prone to making mistakes and lapses in judgement. Through our compassion we try to see the potential for goodness and grace within us all. Accordingly, within the Institute, there is no intention to bully, belittle or control, even when our principles are expressed in the strongest terms. Think you might embody our values? Find out for yourself HERE.

Ethics underpin the nature and course of actions taken within the Institute, and help ensure we operate for the good of others, and not for self. Ethical practice and good governance are therefore central to our mission to provide quality training, and CPD. As an Institute, we use the ethical framework developed by the Scottish Psychedelic Research Group (SPRG) for working with altered states of consciousness. A copy of the SPRG Ethical Framework will be freely available to download from the SPRG website in due course. 

Our values